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Wealthy Mindset
Wealthy Mindset

If you want to get Results develop a Wealthy Mindset...

Henry Ford famously once stated, “Whether you can or you can’t, you’re right!” If you believe you can do something you’ll do it. If you believe you can’t do something you won’t do it.

We havn't been cursed with some internal program preventing us getting what we want. Every person born gets opportunity in equal measure. Once you realise this truth life changes forever.

It takes a little work. The work is fun.

We have formed beliefs and mental habits over our lifetime based on our experiences. We may decide that something we tried doesn’t work? What if in different circumstances it did work? You may have discounted something that may work.

We accumulate limiting beliefs and they restrict how we succeed in life.

Most of us are extremely inefficient in the way that we use our minds. We allow an endless stream of self chatter that strangles our creativity and energy.

Wealthy Mindset teaches you how to bring your mind back under control. When you focus on reality through vision, sound, feelings (physical & emotional), taste and smell, the mind is stilled and the draining self talk ceases. An interesting thing happens. Your energy rises.

You will discover that where the imagination goes, so the body follows. So by focusing on what you want, and staying clear of thoughts of what you don’t want, your fantastic brain identifies opportunities that will attract success what you want.

This class which is run over 8 weeks at the Ramada Encore Hotel, on Tuesday nights between 7 and 9pm is designed to change your mindset so that you attract what you want.

It runs three times a year, starting 8th January, 9th April and 10th September.

Call or email us now to reserve your place : 028 9046 0710 /

P.S. Guarantee your place now as a Wealthy Mindset Member and reserve your professional exclusivity. Places are limited to only 25

Cost: £200 per course

Interested? Get in Touch!

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