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Who We Are

The Business Mentor has operated a Chartered Accountancy practice since 1998 and began Business Mentoring and Personal Coaching from 2006.

You may have started off in business having developed one particular skill or knowledge base. Then you realise that running a business forces you to be a jack of all trades.

You need to identify who your ideal customer is and where your target market is. Don’t waste your energy and resources selling to the world at large - on people who will never want your services.

You will organise a system that your team will work to. You will recruit the right people, because the wrong people will cost you money. Then you build your team and motivate them to perform for you. You will be a leader.

You will organise your finances to pay yourself, pay your suppliers and pay your overheads. You will collect debt.

You sell yourself and you learn to pitch your product and close a sale.

You may manufacture, buy, deliver and install your product.

You will be clear about which business you are in. You will know the direction you are taking your business. You will have a vision.

We coach you to outline your Vision for your business. What will it look like in 25 years? You will develop a Strategy to get you there and together we set out a 3-5 year plan.

Each Plan sets out action for the next year. In each year you work on 3 month plans.

We have templates to help you develop a Tactical Marketing Plan and a Sales Management System that will help you calculate the number of leads you need to meet the targets that you set.

The Business Mentor provides training on Recruitment, Leadership, Team building, Financial Management and Product Delivery.

The Business Mentor specialises in helping entrepreneurs develop their business mindset. Through using neuro linguistic programming and other life enhancing techniques we introduce you to effortless ways to manage your own thinking and your influence on others.

The Business Mentor is owned and directed by Hugh Burgess, a Chartered Accountant, business mentor, life coach, public speaker and author.

Hugh became a certified business coach in 2006 and a qualified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner in 2008.

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